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    Which is the best document scanner app for Android?

    After banned camscanner in India. I want same as alternative app for camscanner in android. Please suggest me.

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    Hi there have you tried Adobe scanner app I have found this on Play store and I think it would be helpful to you.

    App specification check here

    And if you are using WhatsApp and want to use it with amazing feature and functions then download GBWhatsApp Apk to use WhatsApp with amazing feature and functions.

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    I will like to use this scanner to scan and upload my documents.

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    Thanks a lto for this great info.

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    There are many alternatives for cam scanner and I am also currently working on one as cam scanner was banned in India. I am using Andromo to create android application as it doesn't require any coding and I will be able to make the app much quicker. Once I have made the app and deployed it on the play store I will share it here too.

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    Hey friends, I have been working for an online essay service which provides you the online services like best essay writing service where you can easily read reviews about the services like it would be great for you.
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    Despite being banned in India, a lot of people are still trying to find a way to use camscanner apk download for android
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    Attack on titans anime is one of the best japanese popular anime tv show.It also reflects the meaning and value of friendship. It covers everything from scanning to watch online tracking.

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    I know a couple of scanners for android, but none of them have not yet suited me for the functions I need. I use the pirate bay to download such applications but every time I fail because it is very difficult to find a good scanner. If there is no problem with torrents in 2021 then scanners are very disappointing and I don't like it. If you know of any quality applications then I am willing to listen to your suggestions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NinaHorton View Post
    Despite being banned in India, a lot of people are still trying to find a way to use camscanner apk download for android
    I didn't know it's banned in India. Why?

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