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    What do you know about designer backpack?

    Guys, I want to get a new backpack, hopefully a designer one. Currently, I am still deciding between a Gucci backpack or a Louis Vuitton backpack. My friend and I both think that the authentic ones are not worth the money. So we are looking to buy a replica version. It was inspired by this amazing post about fake Gucci backpack by Dhana. According to the author, replicas are nowadays so good-quality that they can easily pass for the real deal. Even the sales associates can't spot any difference. Can you share your ideas?

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    I know they're great but not for a poor student hahaha

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    You might be tempted to look at the big brands like Patagonia, Osprey, or Rain away from home, but this can be dangerous and expensive if you do not know what you are looking for. Suppose you want to take your safari experience to the next level and want to be prepared for anything from unpredictable weather to potential looting and attacks by animals. In that case, I recommend a well-designed backpack from Backpacks Global, which features quality materials and is well-reviewed by African users.

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