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    LCD Display Blank after Flashing Marlin 2.0.x on Anet A6 Motherboard

    Hello!I recently bought a new Anet A6 motherboard after my old one fried. I installed the Optiboot bootloader on to it with an Arduino Uno. After doing that I uploaded Marlin 2.0.x using visual studio. I followed the tutorial by the Crosslink channel ( The upload went through to my Anet A6, but the LCD display remained blank. Where did I go wrong? Was there a problem with the libraries? Could the Anet A6 not be flashed by such up to date firmware? Thank you for your help!

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    did you make sure to add the libraries to ide for the screen ?
    I find that marlin and screens is a real pita !

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    Haha thank you for your response! What exact libraries should I have added? I added the Marlin configuration files to the Marin folder. Do I need anything else?

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