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    excessive, tough supports

    Hi,I am looking for some help in modifying my support settings.I often find myself with a model that needs support, but what the software generates is almost impossible to completely remove.I am using Repetier slicer on a Tronxy XY printer.My default slicer settings are attached. The few times I have tried changing the settings, it seems to make it worse, so I stopped trying.Lowering the temperature seems to help sometimes, but that is a fine line. Lower temperatures weaken the supports, but can also weaken the print.The pics I attached are of a Barbie bunk bed. In some places the supports are like posts that are easily removed. (most of those are already removed before I took the pic)In other places, the supports are large solid pieces, that although they have the same separation from the model, they are strong and hard to break loose.The rails of the model break before the supports do.Thanks for any advise.Donna
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