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    Unhappy Serious PETG issues (pic heavy)

    Okay so I have been trying to print some parts for a costume on my Copymaster 400 and decided on petg as pla seems too fragile for what I want, my first attempt seemed okat at first but after taking it off the printer I saw serious issues such as underextrutio, what looks like weird layer seperation and even strait upholes in it (pictured below is the item in cura and the issues I found in it) This was with the extruder at 222 and the bed at 70 moving at a speed of 50mm/s and the cooling fan on.sorry for the arrangement of the pictures I am not sure how to change itThe hole in the center here is a issueOdd under extrution at random pointsAnd the odd layer texturesI thought the issue would be low temperatures causing the holes and extrution issues so I upped the temp of the extruder to 228 and attempted a smaller component but this turned out even worse with heavy stringing and larger holes appearingI have no clue what to do at this point and this issue made me find this forum to join and ask for help.Thank you for any help you can give me

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    222 for petg ?
    oh hell no :-)

    usually you're looking at somewhere between 240 and 255.
    I have seen people claim 225 - but I guess it depends on the brand and formulation of the pet-g.

    But your stuff definitely needs to be printed hotter.

    Also - pla, fragile ?
    What pla are you using ?

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    Bump up the temp abit. Pla is actually stronger than petg.

    Petg is alittle more brittle but alot better at resisting heat. So as the guy said above. 240c.

    From memory. Been awhile since i printed petg. I used no cooling, or very minimal on the print.

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    One thing i just fort of, in the early days of 3d printing, I had a old solidoodle, the hot end wouldnt go past 230 without crashing.

    So i had it set to 229c @ 35mm per sec. And because my bed couldnt get past 60c. I used blue painters tape to get it to stick. Didnt come with a part cooling fan. So they were off.

    But i imagine your printer is abit more modern. You may be printing your pla at too low temps. Some people say 180c, i print at 200c, and have with some printers 210c. The higher the temp of the pla, the stronger it will be as theres better layer adhesion. But this may effect print quality.

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    yep basically modern pla prints best between 200-215c
    I vary it depending on layer height and print speed and by brand and colour :-)

    Pet-g can actually be a LOT stronfger than pla. But you really have to nail the settings.
    print it hot, print it slow and - as was mentioned - with minimal cooling.

    Get it right and it's incredibly strong. get it slightly off and it can almost fall apart.

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