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    Printer plate rear fixture broken

    Hi folks. I'm wondering if you can help, We have a Replicator 2. It gets a lot of hammer and the bit at the back that holds the build-plate in place (clip? bracket? tab?) has broken. (Naturally, not long after we'd just got it working after having to replace one of the cables and struggling to get filament, since the stuff we normally use might only just get into the UK from Europe late this month...)

    We have jury-rigged something (see attached, also so you can see which bit I'm talking about) which has worked for small prints, but larger ones seem to be getting issues. Occasionally, we'll get a sort of grumbling noise (like the extruding hitting the surface of the build plate or something is sticking or something on the head) and we're getting periodic slipping.

    Can anyone tell me what this part is even called and whether, for example, it is something that we could print a replacement for - couldn't see anything on Thingverse, first place I looked, though - or get a replacement (though have have determined that at this point, if anything goes that requires an extensive replacement, we will simply repalce the whole thing with a new printer).

    Now, on looking around for solutions, I did see one chap who'd had his clip break who'd also had problem with the arms (didn't say how he'd fixed the clip, though). So there is a possibility that the two problems are related. Apparently people have been replacing the injection-moulded arms with aluminium ones? (I assume the arms are the ones that hold the build plate?) Those of you that have had this sort of failure (if any!), do our symptoms sound a bit like that? (Our build plate isn't heated, I should note.)

    (If so, it is the arms, its probably time took at getting a new printer.)

    Edit: Result of last attempted large print:
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    Looks like it should be a fairly simple part to design and print.

    Does it just click into that socket and help hold the bed in place ?

    Can you glue the broken part together so i can see what it should look like ?

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