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    Building 3D Printer?

    Good day!

    I would like to build a 3D printer for my small model shop.

    The important part: I would like to build the printer MYSELF. I have quite a lot of mechanical facilities at home + a large CNC milling machine.

    Currently I am looking for projects with a printer with dimensions of about 30x30x30cm made of aluminum or plywood (what is better?).
    Are there any free projects available? If there aren't any, then I can of course buy a plan.

    Thanks in advance for your help with this topic.

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    there are quite a lot of plans and printer types that you can build at home.
    To be fair - most of them can be made from scratch.

    As far a smaterials go. Plywood works well - but aluminium extrusion is preferable as it's a lot more rigid and not prone to atmospheric conditions.

    Plus it's just as easy to attach things to as wood is.

    Have a look through this lot:
    Bear in mind that most of them will use a significant number of 3d printed parts.

    Your best route would be to buy a reasonable, smalish 3d printer and then use that to make the parts for a larger and better one.
    Some parts could probably be made on a cnc machine - but some will be almost impossible to mill, but easy to print.

    If you went for something basic - like a delta or prusa I3 design - you can probably get away without printing anything - but you will need to design a lot of the parts yourself.
    Prusa do have all their parts available for download - but again, they're designed to be 3d printed.

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