okay 2 things.
I HAVE a mini delta. I'm not just reading stuff online :-)

I'd not personally recommend it as a first or only printer.
They are very cheap and cheerful - solidly built but no-frills.
And I can't stress this enough - a REALLY small build volume.
I got mine for making tiny, intricate things - with a 0.25 mm nozzle this thing will turn out near resin quality prints.
Also great for things with internal mechanisms.

But they can be problematical.
I'm currently deciding to where to re-locate the bowden tube as it's badly placed and leads to frequent jamming at any kind of height.

Also bear in mind that europe is on 50hz 220volts and america uses 60hz 110volts.

So if buying before you leave, you'll need to make sure that the power supply is rated for europe.

But Mainly buy a printer when you get to europe.
That way you don't risk damage in transit, it won't take up space in your limited luggage and if you buy it in europe the psu will be compatible.
Plus you won't be limited to what you can buy :-)

Have a look at the prusa mini: https://www.prusa3d.com/original-prusa-mini/
More money - but a serious bit of kit and made in europe :-)