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    QIDI better filament? Settings

    Hi all,
    We purchased a QIDI x-plus printer for prototype/R&D for our company. All new to us. Lots of frustration mixed with trial and error. first, filament . The PLA plus seems to be the best type we have used. all others break/brittle, then break in the head therefore clog the head. (them take it apart). Best brand tried is Duramic so far. Any other types and brands to try? also, the precision or intricate printing , needs some attention. Everything in settings looks like its maxed out. any suggestions? Can this machine even do really fine printing?

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    The X-Plus is a great printer and the company has excellent tech support via email. It is capable of printing as fine as other good FDM printers. What do you mean by "Everything in settings looks like its maxed out"? Setting all parameters to their maximum values won't give you results as good as the default values.

    PLA is the easiest material to get good results from on FDM printers. There are many good PLAs out there. Hatchbox and eSun are two good brands that work well in the X-Plus with the default settings.

    What kind of problem are you having? You can always email Qidi Tech support with specifics and photos. The time zone difference will mean that they won't respond instantly, but they will respond within a day.
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    yep - basically give us some actual information.
    screen grabs of slicer screens help.
    Also what slicer are you using ?
    what temps and speeds are you printing at.

    The more information you give us, the greater chance we can diagnosea problem.

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