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Thread: Trip to Europe

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    Trip to Europe

    Guys, have you ever been to Europe? How do you like it? I am planning to visit Paris and Milan. I heard that they are very famous fashion capitals in the world. I am 100% crazy about fashion so I am dying to pay a visit to the designer houses there. Although, my income won't feed my lust for these gorgeous designer items because they are all too extravagant for me. However, a friend of mine recommended this article about fake Louis Vuitton to me and it turned out that there are counter-quality replicas out there that look and feel 99% identical to the real deal. Most importantly, replicas only cost one-tenth of the original retail price. You should check this out!

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    Buying fake stuff has never gone well for me. Never again. I remember going to France once and buying some expensive wines that were supposed to grand cru. When I opened them back home they were pure old vinegar. Then I had to open a few of the bottles that I got from a tour at a Santorini winery a few years ago. Let me tell you that the cost for these wines were a fraction of the price that I paid for the French counterfeit. Drinking some assyrtiko from Santorini brought up some great memories as well from the tours we got there!
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