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    Question Flash Forge Creator Pro PETG printing Help

    Hello Everyone, Thank you in advance for the help . I have attempted for the last 30 days to get this right but i cant seem to get it right. I can print the designs on PLA with no problem but when I go to print on PETG its a disaster . The best combination I was able to find was to print at 240 C on both extruders, cooling fans all the way off , plate at 75. I also slowed the print down to 50 and that helped some. I am using flash print and I cant seem to identify any other variables . See pictures PLA on right and PETG on left
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    picture is small and hard to see.. but looks like you have bubbles in the PETG?.. If so you are too hot.. drop it to 230C which is where I print eSun PETG all the time, no fan slow it down to 40mms or slower

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    Thank you. Yes I'm getting bubbles. What travel speed would you suggest ? At 230 the print was coming out worse. Ill do a print so I can show

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    May be wet PETG and needs to be run in a dehydrator for 8-10 hours..

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    I purchased the sunlu filament from Amazon. It came pretty sealed . I don't have a dehydrator . Is there a brand you would recommend that works well for you

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    I don't use petg for anything that has detail.. mostly make mechanical type parts.. I use esun all the time and amazon brand once with good luck, but I dry everything if I have a hint of problems..

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    Thank you , what other material would you recommend then that is uv resistant and holds details better ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alopez0105 View Post
    Thank you , what other material would you recommend then that is uv resistant and holds details better ?
    PLA is actually fairly UV resistant, much more UV resistant than ABS. As an experiment, I hung several PLA prints on a south-facing fence post where they were fully exposed to the sun and the weather. They've been there nearly three years and have shown no sign of yellowing, and only a slight fading. On the other hand, PLA can warp in the hot sun. I've had PLA warp in a car parked in the sun on a hot day.
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