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    Ender 3 Z axis not moving

    Hello Peeps,A newbie here, assembled Ender 3 over the weekend and when I press the Auto home, the Z axis doesn´t move. But when I plug the Y axis cable into Z axis, the motor works. So is it a problem with the Motherboard?I am totally clueless what to do next, can anyone help with this issue?Stay safe and Happy printing

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    You need to be looking at your Z min sensor. You need to make sure it is plugged in correctly and in the right place. If the board sees something not right with the z sensor it will not let the z axis move.

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    I think Z min Sensor looks fine because when I plug in Y axis instead of Z into the stepper it moves. So I believe its either MOtherboard or Cables?
    Any other ideas?

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    Take the case off for the mainboard and make sure the z cable is not loose

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    screw like this is almost impossible to move it linearly to make it rotate, it's always the others way, rotation to make it move Make sure that the servo of the z axis is parallel to the frame; loosen the screws of the servo a little bit when at the bottom make it move and then tighten them.

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