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    Which pet is right for your family?

    Sooner or later, each child asks parents to buy a puppy or kitten. But do not rush to say no. Perhaps you underestimate the positive influence of animals in the house. Our article will help you choose a pet, based on the capabilities of your family and the nature of your child.CatModerately sociable animal and moderately trained. The fact that cats can not be trained can refute not only Kuklachev, but also many of your friends. However, raising cats really requires special patience, as they do not understand the punishments.DogProbably everyone dreamed of a dog, at least in childhood. The loyalty of these animals is praised in art, and a large number of activities with dogs - games, stunt training, just joint walks - is very attractive for anyone who lacks communication and emotional warmth.RodentsHamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas - today in pet stores there is plenty to choose from. There are also nurseries in which you can purchase various breeds of these animals of all colors from hairless to curly.

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    By the way, I decided to have a cat

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    Interesting information. My children have long been asking me to get a rabbit or cat

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    We decided to have hamsters. Because a tame hamster is trusting, calm and extremely rarely shows aggression - that is, it can be picked up and stroked. Yes, he can bite if inadvertently hurt or scared him, but his teeth are not capable of causing serious injury. The hamster is funny. Its behavior is interesting to observe, especially if you equip the cage with a play labyrinth, a house, a running wheel, edible toys, swings, movement counters, and similar accessories. In addition, the hamster can be taught simple tricks. In addition, hamsters are convenient and easy to keep at home. They are quiet, take up little space, and do not need to be walked. But even such a small animal should be provided with the correct and comfortable conditions. Be sure to buy a comfy hamster cage like this . Buy a maze for your pet to run through. The main thing is that the tubes are wide and without sharp elements. Let the hamster run in a special ball. The hamster is prone to stress, therefore, take care of its nervous system. Do not shout near the cage or shake it.

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