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    Question Print object separately from certain layer


    I wonder if there's a way to tell the extruder to print object A from layer n, and then print object B from layer n? (objects are illustrated as follow) The distance between A and B is enough to accommodate the size of extruder, and the height of A will not interfere with X axis.

    two tower illustration (1).jpg

    Normally I wouldn't want to do this, but I'm printing this with TPU which generate a lot of strings that I'm not good at post processing. I understand this is perfectly normal for TPU printing, just would like to reach out to larger audience for tips.

    P.S.: Originally I had hope on "non planar slicing", the degree from tip of A to layer n seems to be too steep for that.
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    If you're familiar with gcode, you can slice the yellow and two blue stls separately, then combine the codes to print the yellow, then apply Z offset, then print one blue, then the other; however, this won't work if the blue parts are too close - the nozzle will crash into the first when printing the second.

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    Thanks @Davo! I'll look into the gcode solution. (-;

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