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    Enable "Save to EEPROM" without original firmware? i3 Clone (Max Micron)

    Hi folks,I have a new-to-me Max Micron i3 clone, using what one of the members here told me is a Hictop controller (the only label is "Base V1.3"). I replaced my threaded rods on the Z axis with lead screws, and need to change my Steps per mm for Z. I've done it with the LCD display/control, AND through Printrun/Pronterface, and as long as I'm plugged in, the setting stays. As soon as I power cycle the printer, it reverts to the old steps per mm. My LCD screen does NOT have a "Save memory" or similar prompt. In Pronterface, I used M92 to set the steps, M503 to confirm that it is set properly, and then M500 to store. So far, nothing helps.

    I don't have - nor can I find anywhere online - the firmware for this board in any form that I can open in Arduino IDE and adjust the config.h, etc. The end goal is to eventually upgrade from this current firmware to a newer Marlin, but I'm just starting out and not sure exactly what settings I need to read from the current firmware so that I can set up the new firmware.

    I *have* backed up my flash and eeprom to a hex file, though currently I'm not even sure that's very useful. Any help?I can connect to the board through the Arduino IDE, but it tells me practically nothing.

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