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    ANet A8 Plus - X Axis only moves left.

    Title is about as complex as it gets. I am totally brand new to 3d printing and I got this printer as a gift, and have set it up today and found this issue.
    When physically moving the x axis with my hand while the printer is off, it moves both ways perfectly fine. However, when the printer itself tries to move the X axis to the right, (like when using the screen to move the axes, or when trying to do the test print thing), the belt seems to move on its own without bringing the actual piece (sorry, noob, unaware of the terminology). The belt appears to move loosely when doing this.
    When finding autohome, or when using the screen to move the X axis, it moves to the left (towards the limit switch) just fine.

    I hope someone can help me with this, I'm unsure of what to do.

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    * when I said that the belt appears to move loosely, only the bottom half of the belt appears loose. the top always looks correctly in place.

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    Could it be that the belt is too loose?

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