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    What should I wear to my ex's wedding?

    any suggestions?

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    Guys, my ex invited me to attend his wedding. I felt kinda weird but accepted his invitation. The question is what should I wear to his wedding? I want to look good and confident. My friend recommended me to read Dhana's replica designer guide and I learned a few tips for affordable high fashion. I want to wear designer clothes and carry a gorgeous designer handbag. According to the guide, the replica quality nowadays is so good that even the sales associates can't spot any difference. I guess the guests at his wedding won't find out either. What do you think? I could use your opinion.

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    I felt so curious by seeing the title of this post. Some girl maty went through this situation and some are going to face this situation. Everyone wants to be most beautiful on the day of ex's wedding and these outfits are really cool. gout in hands

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evelyn View Post
    any suggestions?
    I would never attend an ex's wedding. Sorry to hear you will.

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