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    Looking for a printer with specific capabilities for Nylon

    I am looking for a printer to print nylon. I currently have a CR10 with an enclosure and all metal hot end, but it is unable to reach bed temperatures high enough for nylon. I would like to buy something with out of the box capability. These are my requirements

    Bed and nozzle capable of nylon temperatures
    Dual extruder
    Auto bed leveling

    These are my nice to haves

    Hardened nozzles for glass and carbon filled materials
    Print area on par with my CR10

    I'd like to find something in the sub 1000 range that meets the requirements. I've looked at the Qudi Tech Xpro, but it was missing the auto bed leveling.
    I'd like to hear your recommendations.

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    what kind of nylon are you printing and at what temp? Nylon 910 prints nicely on my Makergear at 255C with a 40C bed and a 50C enclosure. Why wouldn't a an all metal hot end make it up to 255C?

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