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    Angry Tronxy X6A Issue (HELP!!)

    Hello all, I am having some issues with my tronxy x6a printer...the power cut out during a print a few weeks ago, and now everytime we turn the printer on it asks us to 'continue from breakpoint' like it is trying to still print the same file from the power outage. I tried taking apart the motherboard to see if something was loose or hat have you but there didn't seem to be any issues. The printer will just turn off right away when we try and print something...even if we hit yes on the continue from breakpoint the screen will just go black immediately. Any help or opinions on how to fix it would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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    you need to reset the screen to factory settings.
    With most modern machines the whole 'restart from power cut' is actually handled by screen rather than the board.
    The board drives the hardware, the screen reads the file and hands that information to the board to use on the hardware of the printer.
    Modern Screens have their own firmware, processors and ram.
    And it sounds like you need to purge the eprom gcode buffer - factory reset should do that and is usually pretty simple.

    A quick search should find the correct method to reset your particular screen.

    If that doesn't work - reset the board and reload your firmware.

    One of those will fix it - but start with the screen :-)

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    I have tried the factory reset on the screen and reset of the board...I will try anf figure out the firmware

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    Resetting is best done with a special device!

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