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    branded clothing thread

    do you guys prefer branded clothing or brandless clothing?

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    In my opinion, I think branded designer clothing usually has the best and chicest design. I love to wear designer clothes and accessories. But the real designer items usually come so expensive. Although, I found Dhana's replica designer guide in which the author explains how it's not worth it to buy authentic designer items. You will be surprised that there are mirror-image quality replicas out there that can easily pass for the real thing. I think every luxury designer lover should check this out!

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    Branded clothing is good , but quality ,sustainable and affordable clothes are better . I think it is not so important to wear expensive clothes, it is better to wear what do you really like . Me and my family wear organic clothes, we have found affordable sustainable clothing. The most important thing is that these items are ceap , and eco healthy , because my son is allergic to synthetics but these brand use organic cotton .

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