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    Kratom against pain

    Is Kratom a good remedy for pain? Does it have side effects?

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    I have the same question.

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    I also used kratom and had no problem with it. Of course, I consumed kratom not because I simply wanted to. I suffer from diabetes and asthma and because of their combinations, I have unbearable pain that leaves me completely powerless. At first, I went to several doctors looking for a treatment that would get rid of the pain, but I didn't find it, all of it didn't help me. Good thing I came across a person who explained to me that kratom helps get rid of the pain. She also explained to me that I should consume small doses daily and not overdo it because very negative effects can occur. In a short time, I assimilated all the information about kratom and I started to see that it really helps. I can leave here a site with more details about it where you can learn more about it . I hope it will help you.
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