So yeah, currently running low on resin and unable to order more directly from Anycubic as it does not look like they are delivering to Australia during the covid19 crisis, looking on Ebay and 3D printing suppliers within Australia it seems none of them stock the Anycubic eco resin, just wondering if anyone can recommend a supplier within Australia that does stock it or at the very least recommend a good alternative until supply chains open up again?

Not opposed to using other resins however I am a little tentative as I know that I have the settings right for eco resin and can get a good print, I also know that I wont stink out the place as the odor of the eco resin is not very strong and have heard that the odor of other resins can be quite strong. Just wondering what others are using and if there are any good alternatives? I am using the Anycubic Photon