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    Anycubic i3 mega stops during first layer

    Good morning,

    I haven't been able to print with my anycubic i3 mega for a few days because it stops during the first layer of printing.

    It starts correctly but at some point the motors stop, it leaves some material and is completely stuck, with the fan on.

    It seems as if it were a software problem, rather than hardware, but the truth is that I don't understand much in that regard.

    Yesterday I did a test and when it stopped, I would "move" the hotend car a little with my hand and it was like it would unclog, it continued, but it only took a few seconds until it happened again (until it stopped completely after 3 or 4 times).

    Hope you could help me because I've never had a problem like this and I don't want to throw away the printer.

    Thank you (and sorry for my english)

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    sounds like the stepper motor driver may have died.

    Or it might be something a lot simpler.

    Check that the belt drive gears attached to the x&y stepper motors haven't worked loose - it does happen.
    The little grub screws can work loose.

    I'd say those are the two most likely culprits.
    Also try with a different sd card - they die fairly regularly as well :-)

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