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    The best 3d printed adhesive. Work amazing with even ABS - Tested !

    DIMAFIX - Fixative Spray For 3D PrintingVisit our eBay shop:

    our eBay shop, which I am trying to build, and it will work only with your help. I want to sell things which really work!We are additive manufacturing expert. Our company is reselling only the highest quality products. When we found this adhesion - it resolved most of our problems with bed adhesion.It working superior with PLA and ABS. Tested by the US - 3d print bureau!Highly recommended!Main product features:It provides great grip between plastic and glass, so warping is not a problem even in large ABS parts.You will be able to print in all kind of thermoplastic materials.The adhesion property will be activated when the HeatedBed’s temperature is higher than 50ºC.While the bed is hot the adhesive effect will be working even in large prints.When the HeatedBed’s temperature goes down (40-50ºC) the adhesion effect disappears and the model will be easily detached.It is soluble so it is easy to clean only with water.It has a long useful life (more than 100 uses).The purpose of Dimafix® is to make easier and successful the 3d printing process.The first layers in the printing process will be fixed with a lightly spraying of Dimafix® at the hot HeatedBed in the point where the part will be printing.This action avoids unintended effects or warping. Once the printing process is ending and the HeatedBed’s temperature is under 50ºC the model can be removed without any effort from the bed and no tools, that would damage the part, are required.Dimafix®is distributed in a spray can with an interior ball which helps to prevent blockages at the nozzle.The capacity of the spray is 400ml, this supposes a long useful life of the product because the lightly spraying is only necessary at the area where the piece will be printing.Dimafix® is an important advanced in the 3d printing world.

    Feel free to go and visit our website- I keep posting many various types of components which we are printing

    Do You have 3d printing project?Feel free to upload your models on:

    Dimafix Main Photo for ebay.jpg
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    Thank you, I'll take a look now.

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