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    Question Best material for perfume bottle?

    Hi! Was wondering if anyone had experience of this, I think PLA is out of the question, looking for a translucent material (darker the better to protect from light, just want to be able to see some is left) for printing a custom perfume bottle. Obviously can't dissolve or transfer 'smell' from the bottle to the perfume for duration of the storage.Many thanks

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    not the proper tool for the job,.. glass bottle is the proper tool for the job.

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    Thanks airscapes, I feared this may be the case!

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    These won't work?
    Or something here

    3D printed items are not very liquid prof. PETG or Nylon may work as far as material but the means of fabrication would not hold liquid well.

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    Thanks airscapes these are really helpful, I was looking for something super shallow to attach to a new atomiser head setup, but that's given me inspiration!

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