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    Help on overhangs

    Hi there, I'm still a newbie at 3d printing
    Picture shows a sample of what i printed (about 80 degree overhang)
    the bottom part of the print looks like its droop.

    printed with supports but not sure what i did wrong here. tried it with lower temperature and lower speed but didnt help much.
    am using prusaslicer with its default settings for support

    am printing on prusa i3 mk3s now

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    picture makes no sense to me - do you have a link to the stl file ?

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    thanks for the replyI printed the following stl file with a 90 deg rotation on the y axis
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    how big is it supposed to be ?

    well size regardless - that is not going to print without extensive supports

    looking at yout print - there were no supports below the blade.

    weird model - can't seem to get simplify3d to even put supports under the blade automatically

    If it was bigger I'd say split it in half lengthwise and print each half seperately and glue together.

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    oh i did put supports beneath them but i think i didnt do the settings correctly.
    i drew the model myself for now the length of it is like 10cm/4 inch?that is possible but im just looking for a way to do this as i also have problems printing fillets from the bottom up. feels like there should be some setting where i could do to make it support better and able to print nicely except that i don't know where it is.

    edit: i drew the thing in like i scale it up to slice
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