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    Help with updating firmware?

    (Let me just start off by saying I have very little experience with this type of thing so go easy on me) I have a CR-10s Pro and I cant seem to figure out how to update my firmware. Any tutorial i have watched either hasn't worked or is out of date.omegle xender Could someone by chance give me some steps on how to do it? The reason I want to do this is because I bought a new sensor for my printer and it works but when I begin a print the nozzle goes down to detect the bed, up and then down again to detect the bed again like normal, but then the nozzle just dives into the bed and nearly breaks the nozzle. Also the nozzle goes off to the top left corner instead of the middle when beginning a print. I'm just assuming this is a firmware problem so I just wanted to try updating it to the normal firmware since the current firmware I have is the tinymachines one I believe? Please help!
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    More info would be good. How you are describing "sensor" seems like an ABL, so is it BLTouch, EZABL, Kava Lite, something else? Which main board, original, BTT Mini 1.2, something else?

    If it is a BLTouch, have you confirmed that it is wired correctly? I had to swap 2 wires when installing BLTouch 3.1 on SKR Mini E3 1.2 on my Ender 3.

    I like Cheetah 5.0 for my Ender 3 because there are only 15 sections I need to touch, then compile, and the instructions are clear.

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    I have is the tinymachines one I believe? Please help!

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