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    ScanTech Launches Automated 3D Inspection Solution AutoScan-T22

    ScanTech has been always devoted to creating innovative 3D measurement solutions. Today, we officially announce our AutoScan-T22 automated 3D system to provide companies with automatic quality control inspection solution.AutoScan-T22Unmanned Automatic 3D Inspection SolutionAutoScan-T22 automated 3D inspection system takes scanning speedand numerous data-processing to the next level. With high accuracyand strong reliability, an automated 3D system greatly simplifies workflowsand optimizes the production cycle.Working with industrial robot for intelligent online quality control in-spection, AutoScan-T22 achieves no human intervention and automatic-cally completes the batch inspection, avoiding the mistakes made byhuman factors and generating easy-to-understand inspection reports.Based on different work environments, AutoScan-T22 can be equippedwith various 3D scanning devices. Such versatile 3D solutions providetechnical support for automated 3D measurement at the medium-large size workpieces.
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