Hi, I was given a Monoprice Select III with a failed control board by a friend. I know that, when it was working, it printed well, so I figured it was worth repairing. I was hoping to get a true Melzi v2.0 but—and I probably should have known based on the price—I got the “Melzi 1.0/2.0 eBay Hybrid” as it is called on https://reprap.org/wiki/Melzi. I also have an MKS Base_L v2.1 board that I bought by accident and put on the shelf when I realized all the pinouts were different (duh). So, to my questions:
  1. Is it worth putting another cheap Melzi board in the printer?
  2. Is it worth trying any of the corrections to the cheap board listed at https://reprap.org/wiki/Melzi#Melzi_....28Geeetech.29? Particularly the second and seventh bullet points (swapping 10k for 4.7k resistors and tuning trim pots, respectively)?
  3. Alternately, does anyone have any information on replacing a Melzi with an MKS Base_L v2.1?

Any assistance you can provide is very greatly appreciated. Regards, David