Hello guys
New to the 3d printing world here so pardon my lack of knowledge
I got a tevo flash a few months back and have been tinkering with it lately
I've been getting a lot of thermal runaway errors, after attempting to mess with the print speed, cleaning the bowden tube, trying everything I could it just wouldn't go away
i decided to take apart the hotend and i ended up breaking the wire on the termistor (tightened the bolt and of course shorted it out) shortly after i saw online that the bolt that holds it in isnt supposed to be tight
I am looking for a replacement termistor but i can't seem to find any info on it or part numbers
Can anyone direct me to the correct replacement part, I've also seen that there is a more robust one I can get but there are a lot of different ones and I'm unsure which one I have or where to find a part number for it.,

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong location

Thank you!!