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    Need file edited

    I need a threaded cap made for this. I found a cap on Thingiverse and just need it modified for to fit this globe. Would someone walk me through it or do it for me? I can get exact measurements but its roughly a 3.4 inches wide and a pvc thread, if you go here its the 3" pipe thread size.

    I am brand new to all of this, just looking for guidance.

    Thank you


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    The cap on thingiverse will not work well as a foundation for your project. Rough dimensions are also of very little value to such a project.

    Consider to measure as precisely as possible the outside diameter of the opening, specifically the dimension of the thread diameter. It's helpful to also have the diameter of the neck on which the threads sit. Use metric measurements to the millimeter, or if you have appropriate tools, to the tenth of a millimeter.

    OpenScad has a great thread library and for large parts such as this, it should be relatively straightforward to construct a model to meet your requirements.

    Your link references National Pipe Thread sizes. Are you aware that NPT is a tapered thread? It's unlikely your image involves tapered threads.

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