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    Learning Fusion 360

    As I am in this stay at home situation, I plan to learn Fusion 360 (in June) in more depth using all the online courses, Lectures and tutorials available via Autodesk.These will include:

    -Getting started in Fusion 360
    -Mechanical assemblies fundamentals
    -Working with imported geometry
    -Understanding generative design
    -Introduction to generative design-Conceptual modeling fundamentals
    -Fusion 360 Academy Portland 2019 Industrial Design (to re-check what has been learned)

    If anyone is interested in doing the same sort of online courses with me for Fusion 360 (the link is below) do post here as it would be great as it is good to have others learning the same content.Also post in here each Friday (first being 5 June) your progress (e.g. what courses you have done so far).

    The forum post is also a good place to share any aspects or questions anyone has or problems you have experienced during this learning.

    Course page links:

    To get access to Fusion 360 for free here is the link:

    Everyday is a new day to learn...
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    I have fusion 360 up and running for free, and worked through the getting started videos as well as trying different design. Would like to find a course book of Fusion 360 so to do some step by step Projects. Any suggestions?

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    Fusion 360 for Makers : Design Your Own Digital Models for 3d Printing and CNC
    Autodesk Fusion 360 A Power Guide For Beginners And Intermediate Users
    A Beginner's Guide to 3D Modeling: A Guide to Autodesk Fusion 360
    Autodesk Fusion 360 Basics Tutorial
    Autodesk Fusion 360 Black Book
    Autodesk Fusion 360 Basics Tutorial by Books Tutorial

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