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    First printer, Dremel Digilab 3D20?

    I have no experience with 3d printing at all and am looking for a good starting point. What I would like is a printer that requires the minimal amount of assembly or setup, and is very easy to use. I am happy to sacrifice some size or capabilities for ease of use.

    From what I understand the Dremel Digilab 3D20 is simple and pretty much ready to go. It is also readily available and priced reasonable. I like that it is ul listed and fully enclosed.

    any reason I should stay away? Anything that fits my needs better?


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    nope decent printer - it's actually a rebadged flashforge dreamer.
    Well depends on the on the model - dremel now sell several printers with widely varying price range.
    But the 3d20 is a flashforge dreamer :-)
    Though I think the dreamer is a bit less money :-)

    The dreamer itself is a slightly reworked replicator clone - very good and stable design that's been around almost as long as desktop 3d printers themselves.
    For similiar price - have a look at the flashforge creator pro:

    basically a very sim iliar printer but with dual extruders.
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