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    Glass Bed. What is the best for prints sticking

    I have a Cocoon Create/Wanhow Duplicator i3 V2 printer and have put on the bed Geeetech Borosilicate glass. Just wondered what is the best to get things to stick to the glass. Maybe it is depends on the size of the base of the print etc and then people do it differently.With nothing on the glass prints do not stick enough.

    I am using diluted PVA and water mixture at the moment and big base items stick too good and even hard to remove when the bed is cold. I see some just scratch the glass with sand paper.Anyone got any suggestions?

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    get a self adhesive sheet of PEI.
    things stick when hot and come off when cool.
    No glue needed :-)

    If you want glue. Then dimafix is the best I've ever used, magigoo is also very good - just be careful when applying. As if you squeeze the applicator bottle too hard, the top pops off ans the stuff goes everywhere - so I've heard ;-)

    But the PEI is the best and most cost ffective solution.

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    Agreed, PEI is great for most filament printing. Also very good is the Anycubic Ultrabase.

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    Thanks curious aarvark and Davo

    I have tried numerous ways over the time and thought getting the glass was the last bed I needed. I have tried the magnetic bed, Kapton tape etc.

    I have just watched a few youtube videos on PEI since you mentioned it so that looks like the last bed I need. I hope.

    I'll get a PEI sheet.

    Thanks again.

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