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    How tiny you can print on the 3D printer?

    How tiny you can print on the 3D printer? My works are mainly according to the customers’ drawing. I check and only found it is the smallest part. How about yours?

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    This varies with technology. With FDM, DIW, and robocasting, the nozzle size and minimum positioning will vary, but will not come close to a good SLA system, where pixel size is really your only limitation. With SLS, beam size at focal distance will be the limiting factor. If you're using an ink jetting technology, the XY resolution is very fine (think of your inkjet printers), but different units will have different minimum Z movements.

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    I've printed gears that were 3mm across and 1mm thick on a standard 0.4mm nozzle.
    With a 0.25mm nozzle I've made stuff even smaller.

    But generally, what davo said :-)

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    Yes, I couldn't agree more!


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