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    Issues printing after upgrading to Micro Swiss Direct Drive extruder on Ender 3 Pro


    Fairly new to 3D printing. I recently upgraded the stock extruder on my Ender 3 Pro to a Micro Swiss Direct Drive. Since the upgrade I have been having issues. The first issue was warpage on the first print layers. I noticed that the temp of the bed was going to 45 degrees. Not sure why. I always remembered it being at the 60 to 70 degree range (can't recall). But when I manually set the bed to 60, the first layer started great on a test of the 'pig' print. Then checked on it until I went to bed and all was fine. In the morning though, I saw that it printed 1/2 the pig fine, but the rest of it was just a mess of string (see attached image). One thing to note. I did calibrate the E-stop on the new extruder before starting any prints. Thanks in advance.

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    sounds like the print came free midway through the print.
    for pla I always use 65c bed temp.
    Could be that the temp is not staying stable throughout the entire print.

    Check all your cables from the bed to the board.
    Also check that you haven't inadvertently somehow set the bed temp to change mid-print.
    Don't use cura myself - but it's something it can probably do.

    And congrats on going to a direct drive extruder :-)

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