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    printing mask to donate to the hospital, always the same problem in the same place

    Hi guys, I always wanted to have a 3D printer, I saw many people printing masks to donate and it felt like the right moment, I printed some parts for the 3D printer itself with very good results, but now, printing the masks everything goes pretty badly:

    the problem always seem to be around the same area (the nose cover), it often has little holes and the quality is pretty bad, after printing a couple with PLA I tried TPU filament because I read that masks of PLA were not safe (they can cut someone's face if something hits you), and the results in that area are even worst, the back of the mask looks perfect.

    I'm also struggling with the speed, I tried to use some Cura profiles to print them in 2 hours, with very bad results, in the last one (the one of the right of the image) I used a profile that took 11 hours! I can't get a relevant number of masks with that amount of time but and still the quality is pretty bad in that same area, the filter covers always comes out flawless, just the mask seems to be affected, I don't know what else to do, I tried double checking the printer to adjust everything in case something were loose but all seems fine.

    My printer:
    Creality Ender 3X


    the model:

    I used different profiles with similar results, the last ones from here :

    I also tried 6mm nozzle and 3mm nozzle with not noticeable difference, the quality improves a little in the 3mm but the problem persists

    masks printinh bad.jpg cover.jpg
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    adding supports fixed the problem, but it now takes way more time, I guess I will need to experiment to see if I can take it down and still have some quality

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