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    Got a Flashforge Creator. Where to start?

    I was lucky enough to get a Flashforge Creator from a friend and am having a tough time getting started. I've tried to level the bed the best I can. With some hairspray I was finally able to get the first layer to stick and my first print is in work.

    1. The software in the manual hasn't been updated in years (ReplicatorG) and I can't get it to install on my PC. I've found some STLs on Thingiverse and downloaded Cura. Unfortunately the Creator doesn't show up in the dropdown. Is there a place that I get the specs for adding the printer manually? Or is there a better slicer solution for such a noob to make slices?
    2. Since this printer is really old, is there any firmware I need to upgrade?
    3. Any general tips for getting the most out of this printer?

    Sorry for such basic questions. I'm so new, I don't even know what to search for in Google.

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    Thanks. It seems like there is a bit of confusion if that G-code will actually work. Is there danger of just trying it out or am I at risk for crashing something?

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    Oh hell no - NOT cura !
    1) it's crap
    2) it won't work :-)
    Your machine uses x3g files NOT raw g-code.
    You want Flashprint
    During install, tell it you have a creator pro.
    It's a great slicer, really easy to use and the only slicer I've ever had any luck doing dual extrusion prints with.

    And it knows you need x3g files :-)

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    the next thing you want to do is get a self adhesive sheet of PEI. 220x220 should fit nicely - after you cut it to size :-)
    About $10

    Once you've got that - you won't need any glue or hairspray or tape. And I tried EVERYTHING on my original creator.
    printbite is what fixed everything :-)
    But cheap pei is almost as good.

    Don't run it any faster than 70mm/s
    Also print one of these:
    YOu'll need a 24v 40mm fan and a couple 3mm nuts and bolts.

    And that's pretty much ALL the mods a replicator ever needs.
    I also made my spool holders a lot smaller diameter - but that was because I had a few apols of odd stuff with 12mm holes. So used an adaptor and a couple 10mm bolts to replace the big plastic cylinders.

    One of the most reliable 3d printers on the planet :-)

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