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    Bad prints from adhesion to filament missing

    Hi everyone.

    Hoping someone can help get me somewhere better on these prints.

    Have a Bukito, running Repetier-Host. Slicing using Cura.
    Layer height: 0.2
    Nozzle diameter: 0.4
    Nozzle temp: 200-210
    Bed temp: N/A
    Material: PLA
    Model: 3dBenchy

    Always had some difficulty printing, so never printed over the full area. Turns out the y-axis doesn't sit horizontal to the print-bed.
    That is another problem which is being fixed.

    For now I am having trouble getting even small prints to work.
    Takes a bit of setup usually, but the extruder seems to stop feeding the filament all of a sudden. Halfway through a print. This has happened before, usually a manual push gets it going again if noticed quickly.
    However, this time it is just stuck and won't feed through anymore. Have to pause the print and tried to force through.
    With it stopping the filament halfway, it does mean that if your not constantly watching it, the print is ruined. Even for a smaller print that is 1/2 hr of just actively watching.
    Printer is becoming (or has been) a pain to use.

    I have included a typical result of printing a classic.
    1st one started off normal print level, but then started having issues with filament near the cabin.
    2nd one printed better to start with, I stopped at the cabin because I thought it wasn't printing. (Still the print has some issues.)
    3rd on really rough, then a mess on the 2nd half.
    4th one, the filament stopped feeding through and missed about 30 layers.
    5th one, printed the bottom half relatively smoothly, but then spaghetti which eventually led to it being pulled of the print bed.
    6th one, tried with a brim this time, Seemed to be printing average level, then starting feeding bad, then got pulled of the print bed. finished the print by holding it manually in place.

    Any help, pointers, tips would be greatly appreciated.
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    Looking at your samples, it looks to me like you have sliced a print with 3mm filament diameter when you have a 1.75mm filament 3D Printer.

    My experience with this shown below

    3mm - 1.75mm.jpg

    It appears to be under extruded this can be caused by missing steps, filament sticking and improper filament extruder calibration settings.

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    Thanks for the reply Roberts_Clif

    You were right! It was under-extruding by a lot.
    Took me a bit to figure it out. First I thought the nozzle needed cleaning, since a few prints just stopped extruding all together. There was some blockage, but cleared now.

    Then I looked into the settings, from what you said about the filament diameter. Yep, for some reason a lot of settings were different in the slicer program.
    Think what might have happened was the program was updated, and reset to defaults in the process (incl 3mm filament). Hadn't noticed as I had manually entered into Repeatier-host, and prints a few months ago were done on an older computer. This newer one only just decided to work with the printer recently. But a lot of settings didn't carry over and were still off. Travel feed rate/z-axis feed rate were at 450mm/min and 150mm/min. Should have been 9000/6000mm per minute.

    Anyway, reprinted, and it worked much better, made it all the way to the end of the print as well.
    Still have some problems (surface is a bit uneven, 1st layers seem rough also), so if you have any more suggestions, I'd be more than happy to try them out.

    a_03.jpg a_04.jpg a_05.jpg

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    Do not know much about Bukito 3D Printers.
    Though I do know much of the 3D Printing problems can be attributed to the adjustments of the 3D Printer itself.

    1..Belt tension needs to be periodically adjusted.
    2. Slicer software configurations can make the world of difference from a good print to a great print.
    3. Extruder gears, Hot-end heater, Parts Fan speed, spool tension feeding the extruder, ect.

    Need your help to give me the basics of what you mean.
    Is the bed wavy, is it tilted, does it have high and low spots. Please express to the best of your ability so I can get and ideal hot to help.

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    Including a picture of the Bukito. It's a relatively small 3d-printer. Uses a filament spool on a turn-table.
    Extruder is Bowden setup using hobbed bolt as the filament drive gear.
    Synchromesh cable instead of normal belt cable on the y-axis/x-axis. Threaded rod on the z-axis.
    Print bed is 140mm (y-axis) x 150mm (x-axis).
    G-code: Marlin

    I noticed the x-axis (horizontal cross bar) syncomesh cable has some slack, so I've tightened this up.
    Other axis seems good. No wobble on the threaded rod that I can see.

    The print bed is uniform flat across the surface. It does have increasing distance between front-left and rear-right most corner. When traveling from left to right side there is a height shift (perhaps 1mm). Always leveled the bed to horizontal as best I could and kept print mainly at the front-left area. Never realized that the x-axis arm was not parallel to the print-bed. It is hard to include this in photo. But it is like the arm itself, which the extruder is attached, is angled slightly away from the print-bed. Not enough to to be noticeable unless print over the full bed size.

    p_02.jpg p_01.jpg p_03.jpg p_026.jpg p_016.jpg

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    I've included some screenshots of the Slicer settings. Imagine these settings can be different for different printers, but chances are you might notice something that is to low or high.
    Printer settings_1.jpg Printer settings_2.jpg Printer settings_3.jpg

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    Here are some screenshots from the Slicer setup also.

    Slicer_!.jpg Slicer_2.jpg Slicer_3.jpg Slicer_4.jpg

    Thanks for having offering to look through them. Be great if I can get this printer working at its best.

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