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Thread: Cats or Dogs?

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    Cats or Dogs?

    Are you a cat or dog person? And Why?

    My simple answer is I'm a cat person because they require almost no maintanence. Same reason I love my Makerbot printer

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    Personally, I have one dog, a four y/o female Boxer.

    But, I think that if I was living alone, I would probably not have a pet at all. While I enjoy the companionship that a pet offers, I can be slightly forgetful at times and that would be unfair to any pet that I would have.

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    Dogs....... No contest for me

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    Chickens. I like cats, but Chickens, mainly roosters, are awesome!

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    definitely dogs!

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    I love dogs. It's a love for ages. I've never met any other loyal animal than dogs.

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    I love both!

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    both! But love dogs much more.

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    That's a difficult question.

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    I love both dogs and cats,but I love cats more.

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