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    Learn how to make natural English sentences using In My OpinionIf we start a sentence with this phrase, then we are telling the listener that this is what we think and it is not a fact. It is a different way to say “I think…”.
    • I think it is good. = In my opinion, it is good.

    This phrase is almost always used at the beginning of a sentence.
    In my opinion, + sentence

    • In my opinion, chocolate is the best flavor of ice cream.
    • In my opinion, the government should pay for university.
    • In my opinion, this company’s benefits are unsatisfactory.
    • In my opinion, she should get the promotion.
    • In my opinion, self-driving cars are more dangerous than regular cars.

    It is not very common, but we can change the word “my” to another person. We do this if we know another person’s opinion and want to share it.

    • In her opinion, the company’s offer was not good enough.
    • In their opinion, this neighborhood is the best to raise kids.
    • In his opinion, that is not true.
    • In Sharon’s opinion, the project will be a huge success.

    When speaking, we can add this expression to the end of our sentence. English is quite flexible when speaking. However, when writing, it is best to keep this expression at the beginning of the sentence.

    • Children under 10 should not use smartphones, in my opinion.
    • There should be severe penalties for companies who pollute, in my opinion.
    • The subway is better to get around the city than taking the bus, in my opinion.

    We can also use this similar expression in the same way. It is also the same as “I think that…”.

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    English conversation practice

    Finding these common speech patterns can take a lot of time. You need to become a kind of language researcher, it’s worth it because you’ll be speaking much clearer and easier than before. But not everyone has the time and the knowledge to analyse conversations. That’s why in my program in my convo website, The Difference, I do the hard researching for you

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    Hmm. Interesting. Why didn't I see this post before? I definitely have much to say!

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    We use “seem” when something appears to be true, probable, or likely. We use this sentence pattern when we think something is true, but we do not know for sure. Also, there is some reason or evidence for why we think something. It seems like it

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