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    Angry Flying Bear Ghost 4s Display problem

    Hello guys,

    i have a major problem with my display on the flying bear ghost 4s.
    I have tryed to combile Marlin for my printer. So far so good
    ill read tons of stuff about my board the mks robin nano v1.1 ant the
    3,5" Display but if i flash the firmware the display shows the marlin logo
    and the touch buttons but only in the left upper corner.

    i made this:

    // FSMC_UPSCALE 2 2x upscaler for 320x240 displays (default)
    // FSMC_UPSCALE 3 3x upscaler for 480x320 displays
    #define FSMC_UPSCALE 3


    but it doesnt work.

    thats not the major problem.

    after booting it takes a few seconds and the display gets black.
    its not even backlight anymore maybe some of you have a selution for me


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    with some displays you have to first find and download a set of 'driver' files to IDE before it will properly identify the screen.
    Given the non standard attachment ribbon the robin nano uses for it's touch screen (got the same combo on my sapphire pro) I'm going to take a wild guess and say - you'll need the correct drivers.

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