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    Secure 3d Printing

    This should put the cat amongst the pigeons but many designers will be happy that an affordable solution to secure their 3D prints is on the way. The keyword here is affordable because at present it is expensive to do. Security in 3D printing via data streaming and encryption is about to be launched by a Dutch firm called SaveYourPrint who are testing their product out with two well known model shops. For their business customers they will also be going to market using the brand name 3DPrintShield - Secure 3D Printing . The message is pretty clear - hackers, rogue competitors and even governments will now face very high levels of encryption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3DPrintWise View Post
    hackers, rogue competitors and even governments will now face very high levels of encryption.
    DRM is fundamentally nonsense.

    Alice encrypts stuff so she can send it to Bob without letting Eve see it.

    But with DRM, Bob and Eve are the same damn person!

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    I can see many situations where encrypting the STL file, streaming it and then decrypting for 3D printing makes sense. Especially for commercially sensitive products which cross networks. Hackers and packet sniffers are everywhere. Governments spend millions of dollars on doing just this. IMO, it is not just about law enforcement finding out which people are transferring files for guns, etc but governments trying to pinch the secrets of other country's businesses.

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    just responding cause I a noob and need to post a topic

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    All the company's that tried to 'Differentiate' themselves by offering a 3D-Printer that only printed what some 'consortium' licensed to you has failed. That is what Spark was going to offer the world.
    I wonder if you can even buy a Spark 3D Printer today?

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