Wondering if anyone has tried/attempted to upgrade their bed platform size (Qidi Tech 1 - 2018 purchase model)? I ask for the following reason:

I have been using a glass bed, it's been cheap to buy 8x10 glass from Home Depot - I originally was cutting down to size for existing bed but realized that the 8x10 "works" with the printer - it gave me more space to secure and not get in the way and allowed me to get a little more print area (couple simple GCode / slices variable changes).

I am thinking it would not be hard (or to costly) to purchase an 8x10 aluminum plate, 1/4 inch, and replace the existing plate on the printer. I understand the heating element would remain the same so will take a bit longer to heat but the trade off would be the added bed size.

Additionally I am picking up a Buildtak build surface and could get the 8x10 version.

This seams like a rather simple (except needing to drill out the aluminum plate for the mounting holes, which it's not very difficult to drill aluminum) and inexpensive upgrade for the functionality and additional build size. An aluminium plate would run about $50 and the Buildtak system is around $100.

Thoughts, feedback, suggestions and anyone that has attempted I would love to hear from you.