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    can a printer crash?

    I have a weird problem. My ender 3 is printing a small 4mm cylinder but on the last layer it seems to print the same line over and over agin.The excruder dosen't move. Like it's stuck in a loop or something. Don't know if something went wrong in the new Cura version or is it a some sort of software problem.

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    It can crash,

    Are you printing from an SD card or from Cura thru USB.
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    yes I'm saving the G code file on a SD card from my PC and later insert it to the printer.
    After a while it did finish it but the cylinder is 2.7mm High but it meant to be 4mm.

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    sounds like the z-axis is getting stuck.

    Have you nudged it when it's doing the repest print thing ?

    The right hand side of the z/x axis basically just freewheels up the extrusion. maybe it;'s getting stuck ?

    It's more likely a g-code and sdcard issue - but you know there are so many things it could be on an ender 3 that maybe hitting it with a hammer every now and then is just a good idea ;-)

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    I noticed that the arm is a bit wobbly. One on the rollers doesn't even touch the frame.Did fallow all the instructions from this vid: still the same
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    Not sure if creality use them - but often guide wheels are fitted on eccentric nuts. So when you adjust the nut it adjusts how tight the wheel pushes against the extrusion. That might just need adjusting (try a spanner first, then go get the hammer...}

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    Well the 1 roller one the other side dosen't have contact when I lift that end of the arm. And to ajust where? To unscrew them?

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    Went throw this as well and still even when I menage to level it up by the end 4mm difference between sides
    the 2 top rollers on eather side are loos
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    I think I finally got it right and its level. Only 2 rollers on the right side are lust and can spin them. Only the inner side one from that bracket is tight. Can that couse a issue?

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