Does anyone have a CB Printer, or know of someone that does. I'm considering getting one, but it's hard to find any feedback on them.

The price is €1,950 or €1,750 if you self assemble it.

It comes with:
CB-printer printer consists of:

  • 3D CB-printer printer completely assembled and calibrated before dispatch
  • the frame and all elements of the printer are made of aluminium
  • nozzle 0.3 or 0.4 mm (option)
  • heating table with glass, work area 20 x 20 x 18 cm
  • electronics
  • illumination of the work area
  • a handle for easy transportation of the printer (useful at presentations or demonstrations at schools or universities)
  • adapter 110-230 V/12 V (the adapter is equipped with the circuit protecting the printer in case of voltage decay, and an emergency switch)
  • USB cable
  • spare heating resistor
  • software
  • 1 kg of ABS plastic 3 mm
  • dispatch on the territory of Poland included in the price
  • 12 months guarantee (heating resistor 3 months guarantee)

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