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    No Problem with adhesion, absolutley NONE

    After setting up new Borosilicate bed I was having issues with prints lifting up on edges. I tried BRIM 10-20 lines with mixed results. Lately was cleaning bed with Acetone, sure made bed look like brand new clean. Then I have been using Elmers stick glue. Applied in one direction across whole bed. then second application stick glue perpindicular to the first. same 60degree setting useing PLA. No problem prints sticking to bed. Now I all most need a chisel or razor blade forced under corner of print to remove from bed. Why are my prints sticking TOOOOOOO well?

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    yeah pva does stick well :-)
    I found back in the dark ages when I was using pva that if I heated the bed back up I could often get a spatul;a under one corner and after that it came off fairly easily.

    Couple of things you can do that don't involve pva :-)

    Buy some dimafix OR magigoo. Both are excellent and things stick when hot and release when cool.
    You can probably adjust your settings also.
    For pla I use 65c for bed temp. Also adjust your z-axis offset in the slicer to move slightly more towards the print bed.
    start with -0.1 offset and go up by 0.05 increments till it sticks.
    Slow the first layer speed right down.
    I pretty much rarely go over 10mm/s for the first layer.
    If I've put a fresh layer of dimafix down I might go up to 20mm/s.
    But I'd rather the first layer take longer and the prints always work than rush the first layer and risk it not sticking :-)

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    So your saying slow the first layer down then back to normal (what ever that is) on the rest of the layers to confirm. I just watched the Dimafix video, Oh how I wish it works like that. Where can I get a can?

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