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    Jewelry Archive just $ 100

    Due to Covid-19 financial crisis i sell archive of 30 jewellers 3d models for only 100 dollars.

    All models are exclusive! If you are interested, please, write here, or to my email:

    There are photos of all models:
    ... and few photos closer..
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    Great Information was very useful for me.

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    Oh, scrolling online, I see how badly Covid affected all branches. My family had a small coffee shop in our city, and we had to close it. These restrictions indeed affect everyone. The other day I was looking at a Wholesale Gold Body Jewelry and, I was wondering, with all restaurants closed, who wears now jewels. People don't have parties, weddings, anything. I don't even remember when last time I wore heels! Anyway, to support this business, I ordered myself a necklace and for my mom a cute bracelet. They are indeed so beautiful!
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    Wow, very nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlancaColucci View Post
    I sent you an email about a week ago, but I haven't heard from you since! I would like to get some pictures of your jewelry and talk about how they're gonna be shipped. I am down to pay for the delivery! I was also thinking whether you would like to exchange a few of yours with one necklace and a bracelet I've got from I'm talking about a 925 sterling silver choker with crosses and a smoky quartz sterling bracelet. I paid around 40 dollars for them and wore them a few times. Let me know what you think! Looking forward to hearing from you!

    I'd like to exchange it with you! I've got some gold hoops! Are you interested?

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