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    Hey guys! I just got a new 3-D printer and I want to design one of my friends and print it as a joke. I'm not going for perfection, but what would be a recommended design software for this? I have experience with any-desk, inventor, and many other computer software.

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    Have you tried looking for it on the internet? It seems to me that in this way you will find the answer faster than expecting it on the forum.

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    Hello everyone, are there free design software at all and where can I find them?

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    lots, starting with 3d builder that comes with windows 10, probably 11 too.

    And you find them on the internet :-)

    There are lots of threads on this forum with lists of free software.

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    Hello, it seems to me that you will not find free software for designing, such software is mainly made to order, specifically for the requirements of the client. I can recommend that you contact the company at, which provides a full range of services in the field of professional custom software development.

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    Software development always helps in business

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