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    3D Printing boosts medical/surgical models and devices

    Hey guys!I hope you have a good day3D Printing boosts medical/surgical models and devicesAll doctors and surgeons need to simulate their operation before action, just like pilots. It’s the matter of life and death and any mistake can be brutal. This is where 3D Printing comes in and can guide professionals through their operations. The Stratasys J750 Polyjet 3D Printer is here for medical device makers and surgeons, now available in Toronto, Canada!How does 3D Printing help manufacture medical devices?Before adopting additive manufacturing in medical sector, designers and engineers used to prepare designs and manufacture model by conventional methods. It means they had to design a device in CAD files and deliver it to CNC machines. Just like any mass production line. But Additive manufacturing came in let doctors make devices that is optimized and corrected multiple times. This way, medical devices are now more advanced than anytime and they are extremely more efficient.learn more :
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